Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's Wrong with Gmail?!

Lately, my gmail has been spammed by all these junk mails with Chinese title. It happened about 3 days ago and I'm still receiving all these daily >.<" My sis has been experiencing this for weeks. What's wrong with gmail?! Previously, I'd only receive a very small amount of junk mails which is not more than 5? Anyone here facing the same problem as I am? My yahoo mailbox is the worst case, I rarely check my yahoo mails due to hundreds of junk mails and most of them are promoting "viagra"* swt*

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  1. facing the same prob too.. totally suck. but still betta then hotmail.. so at the meantime Gmail still my fav. =)

  2. hehe, same here. I don't really like hotmail cuz it takes quite a long time to load my mails Zzz... i totally agreed with u ^^ hope gmail will fix this issue ASAP b4 it gets worse >.<"

  3. you can add spam block by adding it to your spam list in option.

  4. Hi viagra, did you mean creating a new filter under Settings > Filters? These spam mails never get delivered to my inbox. Thanks for your suggestion anyway! All I have to do is to empty the Spam folder once in a few days.


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