Friday, April 20, 2007

What kinda virus is this?

What's wrong with my windows registry?! >.<" *sob sob*

  • Windows will auto restart when trying to execute "msconfig"
  • "regedit" cannot be used (reason: It has been locked by your administrator) I'm the administrator!!!
  • "Folder Option" under Tools is missing, unable to view hidden files.

  • Unknown folders created (Date: 08.01.06, Time: 9.02 A.M. Size: 41.6 ).

  • Conime.exe is suspected. (I don't remember seeing ping.exe in my windows task manager previously).

  • Windows will auto restart when trying to search for "coniman.exe" using my web browser.

  • Unable to install any kind of anti-virus program.

  • An installable Virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization?!

  • Windows will auto restart when trying to perform Symantec Online Scanning.


  1. u might need to reformat ler..or try the online microtrend scan, maybe can scan out the virus..

  2. hehe, yeah i'm planning 2 reformat my drive C. Hope it works... else my data in other drives would be gone *cries*

  3. Hi there...I'm just passing through from MyBlogLog and saw this post. Thought maybe I could help out a bit...unless it's too late and you've reformatted everything ;)

    There's some folks discussing removal of that conime.exe file here: Kapersky Forums

    Good luck with it =)

  4. Hi mike, thankz 4 d info... it's really useful. I've cleaned da trojan last week but it infected my hdd again *sigh* unable 2 remove those even though i reformated my c drive. now imma try a steps u given 2 me. thx


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