Monday, April 9, 2007

A SMS I Received

11.40 p.m. - I received a call from my boi telling me that something happened to his grandpa and he need to rush to the hospital urgently. I was shocked when I heard about it. After I hang up the phone, my mind was still thinking about those words my boi said to me on the phone.

12.30 a.m. - When I was about to sms my boi to tell him, "boi, ur grandpa will be alrite. Don't worry too much, k?" Suddenly, my mobile rang. I received a sms from my boi saying "Galgal, 11.58 a.m. pass away... "

12.31 a.m. - I start blogging but my typing was so slow, I don't know how to start writting this post. Usually I don't and I won't express my personal feelings over the internet or something too personal about my real life story.

12.50 a.m. - This makes me think of my grandpa when he passed away on 13/09/2002. I was still in form 3. I can remember it clearly cause that day I was having my PMR trial and the moment I put down my pensil and stepped out of the exam hall, my sis told me that my grandpa has passed away, shot by a group of robbers right on his forehead and a very deep cut on his neck which caused him to death. At that very moment, I didn't really know how to react but keep thinking of my granda's face when he was still alive until I reached my grandma's house and saw his coffin. Then only I started to cry out loud... My sis and I have to kneel cause we weren't around when he was being sent to the hospital. I cried everyday until the end of the funeral. It's also the one and only funeral that I ever attended so far. We were not allowed to cry during the last day of his funeral, cause others say we should "let him go" without any worries.

1.05 a.m. - I'm glad that my boi has spent most of his time especially night times with his grandpa during the past few weeks in the hospital. Even though, my boi felt tired each time after he came back from the hospital but still he came to find me, make sure that I wasn't hungry and always in good condition. My boi really sayang me a lot and I sayang him a lot too.

1.11 a.m. - I'm not beside him now but I do hope that everything would be fine. May his grandpa can rest in peace. Suddenly I felt so guilty for asking my boi to come to find me when he need to take care of his grandpa last time. Hope my boi doesn't mind what I'm saying here. I finally dropped my tears... even though I haven't seen his grandpa before but I never think of this could happen all in a sudden.

1.16 a.m. - This afternoon, when my boi and I came out of the car at PISA, he told me that his grandpa knew that my boi and his parents do care about him the most. Then, I asked my boi, "Will your grandpa think I'm a good grandson's wife too?". My boi smiled and replied me, "He never seen you and never know that yet."

1.22 a.m. - I'm sad... gonna go to bed now but I ain't sure if I can sleep as I'm that kind of person who thinks a lot each time I get on my bed. Each time I can't sleep, I will call my boi to wake him up from his good night sleep. I'm an evil girlfriend, right?

1.30 a.m. - The end of sad story. I can't help dropping my tears... Boi, I love you... I'll be right next to you whenever, wherever you need me...


  1. Hi Christina! Send mine condolence to ur boi! During this period of time ur boi need all the support he can get. So u better 'sayang, sayang' he loh.

  2. Sorry to hear all these,hope ur 'boi' and u can go through with it ASAP la...

  3. Really sorry to heard that..Hope your boy boy grandad RIP.

  4. hi all, thx a lot 4 u guys' concerns... really appreciate it.

    hor ny ang moh: yes, i will "sayang" him as much as possible

  5. Condolences to your boy...


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