Monday, April 30, 2007

~ Seafood ~

This afternoon, KP, my boi and I went to Genting Coffee Shop to take our lunch before going to my boi's house. Guess who I met? Hehe, it's my netfriend who I've known for quite a few years but never really meet up with him. When I first saw his face, I was wondering if that's really him. So I kept on looking at him until I decide to send him an sms saying, "Hi, Just now I saw a guy who looks like you in Genting." Haha, who knows... he replied me and yes !!! It's really Eddie and his lovely gf taking lunch there. ^^ Hopefully they don't mind me posting their lovely photos here *huggiez* It's really nice bumping into you, Eddie !~

Teluk Kumbar

I bought myself a slice of yummy delicious Chocolate Indulgence before going for seafood dinner *droolz*

I used to like prawns very much but now I need to control my appetite before the cholesterol level gets high.

This is the "Cik Leh" which I don't eat =x

The satay looks attractive but fattening!

Haha, fried squid aka calamari.

The photo seems to be a bit blur huh? It's actually the "lampblack" which makes the screen of my camera phone blur @_@

These "Jui Geh" don't really taste good at all, maybe they aren't fresh enough!~

My x-coursemate who will be going to Johor for work. Wish him ~ "一路顺风" ~

Left : Jolene's best friend, Janice.
Right: The birthday girl, Jolene.

Hmm, what's kp doing there huh? Sms-ing Ms. Minny? *runs and hides* sorry girl for dragging you in =x forgive me please *huggiez*

My boi looks like "pregnant" LoL...


  1. batu maung!!!!!!
    i love that place...
    near sea side..
    but cannot see sea la
    all dark

  2. yeah, it was dark when we get there... but if it's 'round 5 sumthin' then might get 2 see da sunset ^^v

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