Friday, April 27, 2007

Cheesy Stuff Crust Thai Seafood Pizza

Pizza Hut @ Queensbay Mall

This afternoon around 2 something, my boi and I went to Pizza Hut and we were planning to have an express combo meal 5 at only RM15.80 (excludes government tax and service tax).

So we wait and waited for almost 10 minutes, then only the staff came over to take order from us. When we asked about the Express Combo Meals, the staff told us that it's only available from 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. That time was just around 2.40 p.m, they should've arranged more staffs to work on today since it's a public holiday @_@

But still, we ordered a regular pizza set which includes 2 soft drinks, 2 mushroom soups, 4 garlic bread sticks and a regular stuff crust Thai seafood pizza =D

Hehe, Tabasco sauce is back in Pizza Hut again?

The garlic bread sticks seem a bit too hard even after we dip it into the mushroom soup.

Anything with seafood would be great ^^

It's cheesy stuff crust Thai seafood pizza !!!

Wow, it's full with cheeeeeseeeee!!!

I felt so full after my first slice, but still I need to fit another 1 slice into my tummy >.<"

Wong Kok @ Gurney Plaza

It tastes kinda weird, so I left it to my boi after a few bites T_T

I have no idea how does it taste like since it wasn't me who made the order.

I don't dare to order any rice or noodle served with dumpling or wanton anymore cause they're so big and I don't really like the taste and smell of pork >.<"

LoL, greeny Kah Peng's having dinner with us =P

I was busy with my camera while they're having some "conversation".


Good news to all J Card members, currently Jusco is having J Card Privilege Shopping Day starts from 20th of April ~ 29th of April 2007.

You're allowed to choose any one day from the above to enjoy up to 15% discount on selected dept and items only with T & C applied. This coupon is re-usable but will expired after one day.

This is the nail colors we bought, I will help my boi to polish his nails tomorrow, LoL!

Do I look weird wearing this shoes? Hehe, but it's really comfy especially for shopping.

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