Sunday, April 8, 2007

Penang Hill

My aunt's baby is drinking milk.

Now he can pronounce the word "handphone". Hehe, he likes hp very much.

天公檀 (Tian Gong Tan)

It's quiet up there.

Unique carving art on the ceiling.


Pray before you go in...

水仙花 (Daffodil)

Laksa at Kek Lok Si after a tiring trip.

Foot of Penang Hill

Queuing up to buy tickets.

One of the display shown in the station.

Waiting for 11.15 a.m. train to come.

Hot, hot, hot...

Welcome to Penang Hill Railway Station @ 1923.

Maple Story?! Hehe...

Nick and My sis

Silly boi with silly face xD

There's no air-con inside the train but only small little fans that blow hot air.

Top of Penang Hill

We are 7 thousands height above sea-level.

Can barely see Penang Bridge on top of Penang Hill.

Can't even find any of the tourist spot...

My boi is doing his stupid face again T__T

It's so hot up here... I'm gonna get sunburn >.<"

Sis & Nick

A wooden train which was used by the British.

Canon made by the British.

Beautiful resort

An Indian temple under construction.

*Sob sob* no canopy walk ???!!!

We walk & walk & walked, still can't get to see the canopy walk @_@

Boiboi, "Phew, luckily no canopy walk."

Boiboi looks so tired when coming down from the hill.

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