Monday, April 2, 2007

The Manhattan Fish Market @ Queensbay Mall

This afternoon, my boi and I went to Glugor post office to post a letter to my daddy. When I reached there, the staff told me that the "pos expres" is not available for these few days and the "pos laju" charges has increased to RM5.17, if I'm not mistaken. Surely, it's not worth to post a few piece of papers with that price. Therefore, I just used a normal posting method which takes up to 3 days to reach K.L.

While waiting for me to come out from the post office, something cool happened when my boi was parking his car. He told me that he nearly bang a "tiang" aka post on his right side but I didn't notice it until I came back. He even took my mobile phone to snap some photos of it.

My boi's having seafood lasagna but it seems like there is something else on his mind @_@

Hehe, many prawns inside ^^ sweet smiling boi

>.<" Lipton's peppermint tea?!


T-T-T-T-T-Tasty, tasty...

I thought it was a pasta or something before I make the order ~_~

Dinner @ Nick's House

Finally his ears able are stand up so straight =)

Aww, his leg is sprained and swollen =(

His ears hair is trimmed in order for them to stand up.

Don't know how many days didn't "pom pom" aka take bath.


  1. Hallo Christina! Your food pic made me feel very hungry. Is the dog a terrie?? U have to bath it everyday & comb its fur then it will be very nice ti hug. BTW thank for dropping a coment.

  2. Hehe, ur most welcome ^^ thx 4 dropping a comment 4 me 2. I'm not da owner of Pillow =P he's my sis's bf's sis's doggie lolz.


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