Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Number 23

Spiraling into a dark obsession with the number 23, Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) twists his once idyllic life into an inferno of psychological torture that could possibly lead to his death as well as the deaths of his loved ones. Spurred on by a mysterious novel, The Number 23, that he doesn’t dare put down, Walter is forced to unlock the secrets of his past before he can continue his future with his wife, Agatha (Virginia Madsen), and teenage son, Robin (Logan Lerman).

The novel, given to Walter by Agatha as a birthday gift, depicts a chilling murder mystery that seems to mirror Walter’s life in dark and uncontrollable ways. The life of the book’s main character, a brooding detective named Fingerling (also played by Carrey), is filled with moments that echo Walter’s own history. As the world of the book starts to come alive, Walter becomes infected by the most frightening and evocative part of it: Fingerling’s obsession with the hidden power of the number 23.

This obsession permeates the book and begins to control Walter. He sees the number everywhere in his own life and becomes convinced that he is damned to commit the same horrific crime as Fingerling – murder. Nightmarish fantasies come to haunt Walter, ones that portend terrible fates for his wife as well as family friend Isaac French (Danny Huston), placing him on a desperate quest to understand the mysteries of the book.

If he can unlock the power behind the number 23, he may be able to change his future.

(Source: GSC)

Even though my boi doesn't seem to like this movie but I personally think that it's a great movie. If you step into the cinema without reading the synopsis or watching the trailer of it, then you can really enjoy the storyline from the begin until the end, brainstorming about what's really going on, who would be the killer and so on...

I'm a cry baby as I always tell y'all, so there would be no exception in this movie. I cried cause I really felt Jim Carrey's feelings at the very moment and truly felt pity on him. Jim Carrey is a great actor I must say. His awesome acting skills could make you happy until you shed your tears or the other way around...

I love movies which full with mysteries and unexpected storylines but it doesn't mean it has to be ridiculous or not even logical, and I hate movies with no ending >.<"

C - 3, H - 8, R - 18, I - 9, S - 19, T - 20, I - 9, N - 14, A - 1
Total = 3 + 8 + 18 + 9 + 19 + 20 + 9 + 14 + 1
= 101

Phew, I'm not the lucky 23, LoL!~


  1. Hey girl! I want to watch that show too..your review definitely came in handy!

  2. Hehe... prepare a pack of tissue if ur a cry baby like me >.<"


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