Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Pink Nuffnang Ads!!!

Wee... I'm so happy just now when I received an email from Nuffnang regarding the upcoming ads which will be placed in my blog. Take a look at it !!! ---> it's right there at the most top of my sidebar. Omg, it's in pink color !!! So sweet... Plus, it's my fave strawberry yogurt ^^v

Thanks Nuffnang and the advertiser for placing such a lovely ads in my blog. If you feel like placing ads on your website as a blogger or advertiser, go ahead to register yourself with Nuffnang now !!!


  1. hahaha I'm glad you love the ad Christina.

    -Timothy from Nuffnang

  2. of course i luv it ^^ thankz u so much boss *huggiez*

  3. wooo...that ad very fit in ur theme. Congratulations

  4. fattien: *hopping around* yeah thx, extremely fit in =D


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