Tuesday, April 3, 2007

KimGary and Northam Beach Cafe


Last night, I called my boi at around 2.30 a.m. Here is the conversation going on:

Galgal, "Boiboi, wat u doin' ?"

Boiboi, "Galgal, y so late still haven't sleep yet?"

Galgal, "I was blogging o~"

Boiboi, "..."

Galgal, "Boi?!"

Boiboi, "... Mmm?"

Galgal, "Wat u doin' o~?"

Boiboi, "Galgal 55 go pom pom then change clothes, k? "

Galgal, "Goin' where o~?"

Boiboi, "Galgal 55 go pom pom, k? Then boiboi come 2 fetch u."

Galgal, "Boiboi... r u awake? y ask me pom pom? it's 2.30 a.m. now."

Boiboi, "Mmm, then galgal 55 go 2 sleep, k?"

Galgal, "... Okie, 2morow i'll wake u up, k?"

Boiboi, "Mmm..."

Galgal, "Wat time u wanna wake up 2morow?"

Boiboi, "Galgal 55 go 2 sleep, k?"

Galgal, "Boi, wat time u wanna wake up?"

Boiboi, "Mmm..."

Galgal, "I sleep now. Nite nite o~"

Stupid boi is so blur each time I call him in the middle of the night >.<"

*Note: Pom pom means take bath

A can of Sprite is given to mix with the peppermint.

Tastes better than the seafood rice I ordered last visit.

Smells good (*^_^*)

Spaghetti on right.

Fish Fillet on left.

Northam Beach Cafe

The Japenese food stall already "toh tah" aka bankrap >.<"

>.<" Luckily I saw it before my boi put it into his mouth.

Poor photo quality when I try to zoom to get bigger image.

It ain't as good as the one in front of "Bing Hua" aka Penang Chinese Girls' School.

What's so special about this "Hokkien Mee"? It's oil free, no chilli, 95% "bee hun" with 5 % noodle. LoL, yeah I'm a freak =P

The looks doesn't seem attractive enough ~.~

Too bad it's in beef sauce >.<" can't get to taste them *sob sob*

My boi wanted 2 order a set of this Black Pepper Chicken but me as a financial food controller of my boi has successfully stopped him from doing so ^^v

Dinner of 5ive =D

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