Friday, April 20, 2007

H.F.B.A Nominee # 11

In the middle of the night at roughly about half past one, I logon to my MSN messenger as I was watching 布袋和尚 (a HK drama). Suddenly a chatbox appeared blinking on my window's taskbar, without any hesitation I clicked on da chatbox and found out that it was Cedric (the busy man who's currently organizing H.F.B.A, sorry for keeping you waiting). 5ive challenging Qs (at least to me they are) was given to me and it took me about an hour to answer them.

The next morning 8 something, Cedric dropped a message in my shoutbox reminding me to send him my photo which I'm supposed to send him, but that time I was still in my dreamland @_@ really sorry about that. By the time I woke up, it was already 11 a.m. that's when I start digging my photo albums to find a better photo of myself. Here, I 'd like to thank Chee Hsien for helping me on photo-picking ^^v

(Source: Cedric Ang)

Million thanks to those who happen to drop by my blog *huggiez* thanks for taking the time to read my posts especially my local supporters *sniff sniff* really appreciate the existance of every single one of you. Oops, I've forgotten to thank Kah Peng for nominating me =P don't mad, k ?

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