Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hannibal Rising

After World War II, young Hannibal Lecter (GASPARD ULLIEL) was orphaned by the war and mute from the horrors he has endured, finds himself incarcerated in a Soviet orphanage. He escapes from the iron curtain and journeys to the outskirts of Paris, where his only surviving relative, an uncle, lives.

Arriving at Lecter Castle, Hannibal discovers his uncle has died but the man leaves a mysterious and beautiful Japanese widow, the noble descendant of the Tale of Genji's author Lady Murasaki Shibuku (GONG LI). Lady Murasaki's kind and wise attentions ignite lifelong passions in Hannibal for fine food, music, and painting. She leads Hannibal to recover his voice, but she cannot help him banish the repressed memories that haunt his nightmares, or shield him from the prosaic evil that lives in even the most genteel of places.

Commencing his illustrious medical career, Hannibal obsessively tries to plumb the depths of his own subconscious. Hannibal's ghosts prove to be real people ? vicious, predatory war criminals ? from whom he needs the answers to his past, and ultimately, revenge. This quest, however, will endanger everyone and everything he cares about, and nurture dark desires that will forever demand feeding.

This is how it begins...
(Source: GSC)

Prepare for 5ive most "attractive" things in this movie:

  • Blood & more blood.
  • Human heads being separated from the bodies.
  • Cannibalism (especially cheeks).
  • Different type of psychotic killing methods.
  • Most cruel torturing skills.

Left: My old USB optical mouse which is a smaller, easy clicking & more ergonomic.
Right: My new PS2 optical mouse which is larger, hard to click & not ergonomic at all.

In the evening (after the movie), my boi and I went to Queensbay's Tech Zone for a walk. I was just trying to get a good optical mouse for my new laptop which I've bought previously >.<" Who knows... Hehe, hope i'm not too late to exchange it with my boi =D

2 days ago, 3 of us (kp, my boi and I) had KFC for dinner
together after the assignment discussion at my place.
The KFC branch is right in front of USM's back door in Sg. Dua.

*Runs before the miku monster attacks*


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