Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dinner at Wong Kok, Gurney Plaza

Yesterday, my boi and I had our dinner at Gurney's Wong Kok. I have a really bad expression on the one in Queensbay Mall but my boi says it's gonna be alright to dine in this branch. Anyway, it's our 1st visit here...

That incident happened back in February, when me and another 2 friends of mine (one of them is from Taiwan) went to Queensbay's Wong Kok to have lunch before my friend fly back to his country. While I was having the Dumpling Wontan Mee (dry), I saw a tiny little worm on top of the veggie and it was still moving.

So, I told my friends about it and my Taiwanese friend talked to one of the waitresses asking if he could talk to the person in charge. After a while, another one of the waiters came to us with the Kitchen's Chief Cook. As you know, Wong Kok is a restaurant where all of the staffs speak Cantonese to their customer just like KimGary's.

Then my Taiwanese friend and the Chief Cook started to have conversation. At 1st, the condition was still under control but then the Chief Cook begun to raise his voice and talked in a very impolite manner. He even swore bad words (in Cantonese) in front of my friends and many other customers who were having lunch there. Man, that time was peak hour!!! The most ridiculous thing was he threw the menu on the table so hard like he wanna slay everyone in there.

The rest of the staffs just stood there and watched without helping. *sigh* A 40+ Chief Cook acted like a gangster in front of crowd especially my Taiwanese friend who's just 20+ He was not seeking for trouble but just a sincere apologize cause he was rushing to catch his flight too. Who knows... Fortunately, the first waitress who attended us previously dare enough to step up and stopped the condition from getting worse and more ugly.

The last thing which that stupid Chief Cook did is he took a RM100 from his wallet and threw the money on the table while saying, "Nah, now I use my own money to pay for u. I can't afford Meh? " LoL, that was really childish! Without responding to him, we paid the full amount and walked out of that restaurant. From that moment on, I swear I won't step into that place anymore.

Once, I worked as a waitress for one month and I do know that "Customer is always right" no matter how bad the condition is, as a person who provides services need be patient and friendly when dealing with their customers.


  1. Wahh...I always feel hungry when I come to your blog...such yummy food on display always!

  2. nice pic.. i m starvin'...

    I think service quality is as important as teh food quality, we as the consumer hv the right to ask for sth that worth the money.

  3. mischique: hehe... hiya sexy girl

    zeezee: thx =D yeah i'm totally agreed with that ^^


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