Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cater 2 Me

Thanks my mommy for catering her delicious cook all the way from my hometown to Penang. This would be served as my plentiful dinner ^^ Trust me, I can't even finish half of them. Hehe, I got a small stomach which can only fill in a small amount of food but it doesn't mean my stomach is physically looking small =P

Last week, my mommy gave me a call to ask if I'll follow my sis to go back but I've turned her down by telling her that I still need to work with my assignment for the coming few days cause the due date is on Monday (which is tomorrow). Oh yeah, I'm still blogging here even though I know I shouldn't be doing this >.<" I'm addicted !!! Please help me... @_@ I miss my mommy's cook, I can barely taste my mommy's cooking ever since I move to Penang. It has been years... *sob sob* For those who always dine at home surely will think that it's boring to eat home-cook everyday but for me I feel happy to have just plain rice with dishes cooked by my mommy. I kind of bored with the outside food. Just imagine eating outside for 4 years plus in Penang. I know some of you out there are suffering from this a lot longer than me =.=" I used to like "Loh Mee", "G Cheung Fun", "O Jen" and lots of other lovely food here but now I almost scared of them. As example, the Fish Head Beehun at my living place, I used to take my dinner there quite frequently last time but now I feel like throwing out whenever I smell of Fish Head Beehun. Luckily, I still like the HK style "G Cheung Fun". In another 2-3 months, I won't be here in Malaysia anymore and I know that time I will surely blog about how I miss Penang's food badly and blah blah blah... LoL, how contradictory is that =x After all, I'm not expecting my mommy to see this post as she's not computer literate but I just wanna tell her, "Mommy, I Love U!" Sometimes, feelings and words can be typed out easily but hard to be heard from one's mouth. It's not easy for me to split these 4 words out of my mouth but I'll still tell her by sms-ing ^^v

~ Wish every mommy in this world smiles and lives happily ~


  1. WAH! i like your pig stomach soup, and crabbie! Too bad your are in penang..

  2. eh?
    got 'no idea' dish meh?
    must try la....

  3. hehe, i luv it too now heating it up 4 supper...yum, yum... u come penang find me then together we can go eat seafoooood!!!!

    Pisang Goreng : =.=" i don't know da name of that dish...lolz even after i ate it, i still can't tell wat that thing is xD

  4. Yummy!! *Slurp slurp*

    Looks nice! So nice I almost ate my own monitor!

  5. I'd lived in Penang for the past 17 years and i eat out at least 6 days a week and never got bored of the food coz i always find new stalls coming up and they are all good. :)

  6. nastasshea: woah... really so hungry? o.O" *hides nastasshea's monitor from her*

  7. jlshyang: nice~ any good place 4 good food? remember 2 recommend me ya *winkz*

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