Monday, April 2, 2007

Back In Penang: Breeks Cafe @ Queensbay Mall

I've been busy for "ceng beng" during the past 2 days in my hometown @_@ I needa wake up early in the morn in order to prepare things for prayer. This afternoon before I come back to Penang, my mom has packed lotsa "kuih", fruits, roasted chicken and pork, "hai som" aka sea cucumbers, "pao" aka steam buns, dumplings and many others for me to bring back >.<" How am I gonna finish them alone by myself? Hehe, luckily I got my boi to help me out on this =P

Breeks Cafe

It's really great to find out the way of those waiters and waitresses serving customer are better in Queensbay's Breeks. When we first enter the restaurant, they greated us together loudly, then one of them actually came and knelt in front of me while taking order from us. But, there's a very important step which they have missed out which is... to repeat the orders of their customers whenever a customer finish ordering.

And uh.. an unwanted incident happened on me when the waitress was cleaning the table for us. The dining tools on the plate which she was holding has slipped and felt on my lab and skirt with sauce >.<" LoL, I think she also panic when it happened cause she kept on saying sorry to me.

One last thing to voice out before I go to bed, I met a brainless old lady who cuts queue when buying things in Watson. She was buying 2 slimming waistbands which are having 50% discount on 2nd purchase. So if that old lady happen to see my blog, I juz wanna greet her...

"Wish your waist 越减越粗, body 越吃越胖, look 越老越丑"


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