Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back from Sushi King

Yesterday evening, my sis, Nick, my boi and I went to Queensbay's Sushi King for dinner. I was kinda surprise when I see Jusco was closed. Why closed? It's for Family Day's celebration @_@ so nice...

At first, I thought my sis & Nick already reach there. Who knows? When I called them, they told me they were still on the way coming. Without any delay, we head to Sushi King and that time was around 6 p.m. I'm glad to see that only 1 couple queuing in front of us *grinz* and of course, each of the customer there was being told by the staff about the terms and conditions before they get in.

All the seats next to kaiten belt was fully occupied, so we just chose a table which is near to the place they serve drinks cause this was the only place which is "open" for "plate snatching". If there's about 20-25 empty plates, they’ll start collecting them from your table. For sure, we won't get to snap a photo like how Cedric did on his Sushi King post.

These are what we managed to grab during the first round, then followed by smoked salmon and lots more. Please remember, only SOLID plate worth RM 2, other than that, all selling at normal price. Four of us are "sotong" aka squid lovers, so we don't really care about the price when grabbing for food.

Here are some photos of this lazy Pillow which I took when having a "night swim" at my Nick's place.

Pillow's bitting his fave bear bear (the white bear has turned into black bear bear >.<")

Pillow, " Why my owner refuse to cut my front hair for me? I can't even see things clearly *sob* ".

Pillow, " I'm so lazy to move, i just wanna eat and sleep everyday".

Pillow, "Woah, it's so nice to lay down and relax".


  1. wow.. thats a marvelous feast!!
    I m envious, gal!

    Hey u got tagged.. by me =P.
    Check out my latest post!

    Get well soon from ur flu!

  2. I went there 2 days straight hahaha, eat until tummy bloated :P

  3. hehe... ima dead meat now >.<" u both tag me @ da same time


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