Sunday, April 8, 2007

2007 Pikom PC Fair

There's a total of 2 floors being used up for this year's Pikom PC Fair. Well, my sis and I just managed to check out those gadgets at 1st floor after a tiring trip from Penang Hill. While waiting for Nick and my boi "shopping" for external hdd at groundfloor, we sat on the audience seats and watching the crowd squeezing here and there.

Tomorrow would be the last day for this event, so make a move now before it's too late.

The hardworking TMnet staff patiently explains about Streamyx application details to his beloved customer =D Haha, wanna apply for Streamyx services? Please kindly contact him by dialing 016-4442244 or find him at first floor, PISA =P By the way, he's still S & A (Single & Available) *blink blink*

Ever seen this guy somewhere about some time ago? Isn't this guy look extremely familar?
Hehe, seems like he's up with his new hairstyle =D

This wall socket is really cool. It's able to support up to 12 plugs simultaneously but quite pricey.

Comparison Between Intel® Core™ Duo processors & Intel® Core™ Solo processors
How do the Intel® Core™ Duo processors, Intel® Core™ Solo processors differ from each other?

The Intel® Core™ Duo processor is the next-generation processor in the latest Intel® Centrino® mobile technology-based notebooks and delivers revolutionary dual-core mobile performance and great power efficiency.

The Intel® Core™ Solo processor represents the next generation in processor innovation. It is enhanced to handle today's demanding software applications—such as graphics-intensive games or serious number-crunching programs.

(Source : Intel)

After we came back from PC fair, I've done a small research on the laptop which I'm interested in buying. Will let you know the model and spec tomorrow...


  1. woi...y post my ugly pic here *sob sob* wa lau...ppl tired face, dun show la...paiseh mean ler u, mau kena from me liao *piakz* better run far-far next time u see me....keke

  2. Swt, i help u promote now u complain be being bad to u !!! *sob sob* how could u say do...
    *slaps* stupid kah peng, u where got tired wor? every nite gaming til morning also never tired at all =P

  3. gaming sit in front of pc, at pc fair leh, hav 2 bring my "water melon" and run around with me, hahaha... :P very tired 1....wakakak so tired, goin take bath n sleep now...btw u see the time i comment it, wake up early morning saw ur sms den go check ur blog, GRRRrrrrr...

  4. Wow, 6.38 a.m. =_=" u woke up so early? hehe... u & jeff's watermelon is gettin' bigger & bigger lolz. Check out my latest post if u have time. Thankz


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