Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Experience With Penang Bloggers

This morning, I woke up at around 9.45 to attended the first Penang Bloggers Meeting held in e-gate (Starbucks). I chose to dress in white color from top 2 bottom since the weather was too hot to wear black or red. Honestly, I don't really have much red clothes.

KP came to pick me up at 10 something when I'm ready and prepared with everything. Both of us had McBreakfast in Tesco (McD) first since it was still early. After breakfast, we walked to E-Gate and there was already a big group of people there.

At first, we just sit there and doing nothing until they started to have photo-shooting session with every single one of us. I'm actually kinda surprized with the numbers of people who attended this gathering. It was a great experience and a good starting to get to know more bloggers.


It's me in white...

Group photo of most bloggers who attended the meeting, except those mommies who was MIA (missing in action).

The combination of read, black, and white.

"The White Gang"

My coursemate, Kah Peng and I.

LogicYuan, the event organizer and I.

LogicYuan and the busy camera man, Warren.

The attendent list of the comers.


Around 2 p.m, people started to leave and say goodbye. There was only 8 of us left, sitting there and chit-chatting. Then, I suggested to have lunch together and they decided to go for Pelita at Tesco. Again, there was a chit-chatting going on while waiting for the "secret guest". Everything end at 5 p.m. after the pod casting talk and photo session with John.

Group photo with John Ong.

Me and John Ong aka Miku John from Penang Hokkien.

For further updates, photos and details please kindly visit:

Warren Tan
  • Penang Bloggers Meet List - All the attendees + blogging URL
  • Inagural Penang Bloggers Meet
  • Penang Bloggers Hike - Coming Soon


  1. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Damn!!! 2 Things i missed, ONE, didn't take picture with you, TWO, I missed the part when John came! Anyway I curi-curi added ur link into my blog so feel free to browse it ya! :D

  2. Nice meeting you, Christina! ;)

  3. cedric: haha...i'm cool with it ^^v haihz, this afternoon u were 2 bz taking photos with those leng luiz >.<" where got time 4 me? *sob sob*

    cy: hehe, nice meetin' u 2 *shakes hand*

  4. eh! dun say as if u're ugly ok?! U were the one who took pic with the lengzai without me! *sob* *sob* too!

  5. zzz where got leng jai o? *pokes cedric* didnt see any @_@ all went 2 find leng lui *sniff sniff*

  6. eh tolong, u're pretty also ok! Thats why i feel regret for not takin picture with u! Geksim !!!!

  7. Hahaha...there'll b another gatherin' goin' on ^^ but I'm not sure 'bout da details yet @_@ u can check with Logic hehe =P snap a pic with u next time,k? *winks*

  8. yeah of course, meanwhile check my blog out, u have a missioN! Hehe


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