Thursday, February 8, 2007

~ Eat, Shopping, Movie, Eat, Shopping ~

Chinese New Year decorations at Queensbay's main door.

Sakae Sushi

Boiboi is making hot green tea for me.

Boiboi, "Nice..."

Kimchi Ramen @ RM 12.90

Boiboi, "Shruuuup... yummy"

Sakae Blossom @ RM 5.90

Ebiko @ RM 3.90

Guess what's my boi eating?

It's ginger slices o~

Ten Don @ RM 13.90 - ordered my galgal

Manhattan Fish Market

Boiboi, "Hey, why galgal always take my photos?"

Boiboi, "Hehe, I'm so full now"

Flame Platter For One @ RM 25.90

Sweet Alabama Smoothie @ RM 8.90

Coleslaw @ only RM3.90 with any main course ordered.

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