Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back in Penang: Sushi King @ Queensbay Mall

Hotate Tama Don (New Season's Product)

M4 - Piri-piri Chick Set (comes with a soup, steamed-egg, yakult and white rice).

Sizzling Piri-piri Chicken with chilli powder and mayonnaise sauce on top.

My fave steamed egg =D

Pic 1. My boi eating the chicken without touching the white rice...

Pic 2. Still eating the chicken without touching the white rice >.<"

Pic 3. Wow, that's fast =_="

Galgal, "Boiboi, why you only eat the chicken just now?"
Boiboi, "Hehe, cause it's yummy... =P"
Galgal, "But... it seems oily o~"
Boiboi, "Not really... it's crunchy actually"

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