Thursday, January 18, 2007

Last Day...

Today, my superior (C.W.) took us out for lunch at Queensbay Mall. As we arrived, C.W. decided to treat us cause tomorrow would be our last day in Dell Services Finance. Actually, I was the one who suggested Pizza Hut since nobody's making any decision.

Around 5 p.m, my boi and I left the office first while the other still having conference with Japan team. On the way going to Info, I've suggested several options for boi boi to choose whether we wanna buy present or treat C.W in return. At last, we went 2 One-Stop aka Midlands and bought this cute little devil. Well, I think this suits him the most since he likes black color and he really doest smile a lot!!!

~ Front ~

~ Back ~

The main reason why it's compulsory for us to attend this meeting held in Info is Informatics Penang will be closing down at the end of March '07. According to the person in charge, Mr WWW (one of the directors from Informatics Singapore) declares that they're only having so called "relocation" instead of closing down. For me, moving out from a small building into a big building then moving back to another small building is not part of a "relocation" plan.

After 3 years spending my college life in Informatics, I can see that the organization weren't making good business and extremely lack of management. According to my friends, all of the colleges are just the same but are they really the same as in management side? Hmm...

These are some of the photos I took when we were having lunch in The Manhattan Fish Market back in 27th Dec of 2006.

~ Chocolate Milkshake ~

~ My giant piece of Fish & Chips ~

Erm, forgotten the name of this dish >.<"

@_@" omg, what were we doing in front of the camera... *blushes*

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