Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nando's @ Queensbay Mall

This afternoon, my boi and I went to Queensbay Mall shopping again after we get our payslips.

Ice-blended Mocha (My boi's fave)

1/4 Mild Peri-peri - ordered by me

1/2 Hot Peri-peri - ordered by boiboi

Chubby galgal & boiboi =P

Galgal, "muahaha... lemme lick lick"
Boiboi, "swt... so many ppl 'round >.<"

Stupid galgal...

Galgal, "It's really comfy to lay on my boi's shoulder =D"
Boiboi, "Huh.. Who else have such a nice shoulder as mine?!"

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