Saturday, January 27, 2007

Johnny's Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall

This afternoon at around 4.30, my sis and her dear dear came to pick me up to B.M (Bkt. Mertajam) cause I've made an appointment with the Physiologist. This would be the 3rd visits and I'm happy cause I was being told that I only need to come back whenever I feel it's necessary to ^^v After the dinner, my eyes were attracted by this cute piggy couples which is selling in one of the grocery shops.

Cutie CNY "tutu" sticker for boiboi - which is gonna stick on the door of my boi's bedroom.

Cutie CNY "tutu" sticker for galgal - which is already sticking on my bedroom's door.

Yesterday, my boi and I went 2 Queensbay Mall again to have our dinner at Johnny's. The word "again" indicates that it's the 2nd time we go there within that particular day. We only have 30 minutes before the movie, Epic Movie starts at 7.50 p.m. I chose to order Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with sambal *droolz* yummy =D

Fresh Guava Juice - ordered by boiboi

Fresh Aloe vera Juice - ordered by me

Golden Mushroom Seafood Tomyam - ordered by boiboi

BBQ Chicken noodle - ordered by boiboi

Before - Boiboi,"Erm, don't know how does it taste it but it looks yummy though..."

After - Boiboi,"Shruuuup, mmm... not bad, not bad *thumbs up*"

Sniff sniff @_@

Huh?! what happened to my boi? >.<" Too grateful to have such a nice meal? LoL, Boiboi seems pretty satisfy with the overall food and drinks which were being served. Well, my comment is... good service, reasonable price, and delicious food and drinks.

This is the lobby inside GSC Queensbay in Bayan Lepas =)

Here, I would like to voice out something about Epic movie. The movie SUX!!! I will never watch such ridiculous movie or should I say hilarious? It's more like a movie for those dumb@$$ 色狼 who wanna see big boobs and sexy girls...

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