Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Queensbay Mall, Penang

This is the tallest X-mas tree among three of them...
but still it's not as tall as the one we saw in KLCC a few years back =P

Ho, ho, ho... X-mas is just around the corner (^_^)

Lovely decorations! See the shadow on the right? Well, that's my boi >.<"

Now, take a closer look...

The Manhattan Fish Market?! People are queuing up long in front of the restaurant, is the recipe really that tasty? We'll see...

O.o" Look, the Santa is here! Hehe, photos were taken in Häagen-Dazs®

Hmm, what's my boi doing in front of my cam huh?!

LoL, boiboi and I, my sis and her dear dear, and another friend of us. 5 of us were having our dinner at the Al Fransco Coffee Shop, the drinks were terrible ~_~

There's a funny thing which I wanna share, it happened when my sis's dear dear asked one of the waiters who serves us whether they accept card or not, card as in credit cards. Who knows, after the waiter heard what he said, he rushed to the back and got him a cup. I was like omg, a cup?!!! After a while, boiboi's pasta was ready and sent to our table no. 7. This time, I asked the waiter again whether they have extra sauce for the pasta which looks extremely dry. Guess what did the waiter say? He asked, "You want chilli or tomato sauce?"... @_@ what was on his mind?

Haha, funny tea shop name... "Lao Ba Cha"

I'm loving it... McDonald's

Lots and lots of sushi ... *yummy*

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