Friday, December 22, 2006

New heels + BBQ party

Yesterday afternoon, boiboi and I went to Gurney Plaza for shopping right after we left the office. After we taken our lunch, boiboi bought 2 tickets of the latest cartoon named Barnyard. At first, I thought this is just another comedy but it turns out to make me cried. I cried so hard when I found out Oaty's daddy is dead >.<" Aww, it really made me wanna cry out loud.

This is the 6th high heels my boi bought for me within this year, this time is NOSE at ground floor of Gurney Plaza. I heard that it's famous with comfy and not so pricey shoes, so I went there and had a try on those shoes. It has been so long since the last time I felt for a very pretty high heels with a sweet and lovely butterfly on it in Vincci. NOSE is currently having 10% discount on those new arrivals, for anyone who's into it, better don't miss it out! ^^

Today I woke up kinda late, around 11 plus my sis called me to pick my mommy up at jetty. We went to have brunch (breakfast + lunch) in Chicken Rice Shop at Gurney Plaza after we picked them up. Around 2, I reached my aunt's hair saloon, waiting for my turn to get my hair washed. As usual, wash + treatment + blow. When everything was done and ready, my sis, my boi and I headed to Nick's place to prepare for BBQ party.

Don't know why... Today, I don't feel energetic at all, kinda tired now. I'm here blogging and chatting on MSN while others are busy bbq-ing outside. Now, here is a big piece of blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe. Haih, it's almost 12 midnight now. What's gonna happen if I stuff it into my stomach -__-" becoming a fatty soon...

Check this cute puppy out, his name is pillow. Hehe, he is just a few months old but uh... there's an interesting incident happened when we were playing with pillow. *Cough cough* he actually knows how to "notti notti" just like the scene we saw in the movie, Click! LoL

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