Monday, December 25, 2006

~`*''''Merry Christmas''''*`~

*Yawn* My mom woke me up before the break of dawn cause she has a 8 a.m. flight from Penang Airport to Sabah this morning. According to the procedures, she needs to check-in an hour earlier before her flight depart, which is at 7 a.m. Around 6, I called my sis up to fetch them at the airport. Due to the limited car space, I didn't get to follow them to the airport but just gave my mommy goodbye kisses and regards before they depart.

8.30 a.m - my boi called to wake me up but I was too tired. Then, he decided to wake me up later at 9 *winks* sweet boi boi. We both reached Adventist Hospital around 10, after registration, I just waited for my turn to check up. The result is... ^^ I'm so glad to hear the doctor said that my eyes gonna fully recovered in another one month from now =) I've been suffering from Adenovirus ever since the beginning of August until now *sob sob*

Hehe, on a very free and happy X-mas eve, what would a normal young girl do? Shopping and watch movie of course ^_^ I've watched "Night At The Museum". Somehow, it's weird that this movie just having several showtime on Sunday and It was shown in cinema 5. *grinz* Ben Stiller is really a good actor, as well as Owen Wilson LoL, funny guys!

This is a chihuahua that we saw at the entrance >.<" very small + tiny + skinny.

My boi and I shopped for 3 hours plus after the movie, I've bought him a X-mas present ^^ I think he likes it very much =P He has bought me a sweet and lovely top with laces too but it's not my Xmas present though T_T

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