Monday, December 18, 2006

JX II Online (劍俠情緣)

Last Saturday, I started to play JX II Online (劍俠情緣 Online) aka Justice Xwar 2 with my boi. It's another 2D game which I'm into for now. I've created a cute and lovely character which joins Emei Sect (峨嵋). The other four types of Sect would be Begger (丐帮), ShaoLin(少林), Tang Clan (唐) and WuDang (武当).

For more information, please visit:

I slept late last night cause of this game. Again, I'm addicted to it. After 2 days playing, my character became level 24 if I'm not mistaken. Haih, guess where am I now? In the office of course. Why am I so free? Cause I'm unable to start working until they grant me the access right to their pub-shared folders. Third day working in this department, still I'm sitting here doing nothing ~_~ Hehe, my lovely character is level 44 now.

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  1. nice...i love play this game too.. :D
    my emei zither is level 47..and i need find jade sea scroll..for my emei plus skill for emei zither (^__^)


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