Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

I wonder it is just me or what? I found that it's so hard to blog with, it took me quite a long time to upload those photos I posted earlier or should I say not so user-friendly? and the worst thing is the outcome! The display of photos is totally different from my previous settings in Friendster?! Omg >.<" Today, I received calls from 3 different companies asking me to go for interviews in these coming few days. I'm kinda happy actually, let's pray so that I could get a job ASAP!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Come Back To Me

You all need to get ready to hear
The unbelievable,
Vanessa Hudgens.
Baby V!

(Baby Come Back)

Everyday, I try to play, another game
But my heart can’t take it.
I try to find, another boy,
But all the while, I can’t face it.
Why do I miss you so much?
I wanna stop this hurt inside
Oh baby please, give us one more try

(Baby Come Back)

I see you out with all your friends
Laughin’ it up as you pretend
To have a good time, (good time)
I know cause I’m living the same lie (same lie)
So one of us has got to say
We can’t keep living this same way
So I’ll be the one
Yeah I’ll say it, I’ll say it, I’ll say it, I’ll say it again

Baby come back to me
In my heart I still believe
We were meant to be…
Together so whatever it takes (Baby Come Back)
Baby come back to me
I should have never set you free
Love, baby
Come back (Baby Come Back)
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