Monday, May 15, 2006

Seoul Garden: BBQ Steamboat

Hehe, the bear bear and star fish balls are so cute.

2 different flavors of chicken, BBQ squids and fish meat.

Some veggie and fresh king prawns...

Hehe, the prawns and squids which I cooked for boy boy...

Bbq-ing the "Si Chuan" flavor chicken...

Boiling the ingredients in Seafood Kimchi Soup, it's a little bit hot + spicy + sour.

*droolz* yummy desserts... =D

My favorite yam and sweet corn flavored ice-cream.

The fruits I've taken for boy boy...

Lovely boy boy & gal gal... ^^

MuackzZz... *swt* What's on my boy boy's lips?

Stupid boy boy sticking out his tongue...=.="

Piggy boy boy felt like he's in paradise after 2 hours non-stop having BBQ steamboat =P

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